New in sudoAMM v2, Settings are opt-in contracts that allow creators to waive (partially or entirely) royalties for liquidity pools that meet their chosen criteria, such as a 90-day lockup period or 50:50 trading fee split.

Creators can develop Settings using the logic of their choosing, but the resulting contract should conform to the ISettings.sol interface:

interface ISettings {
    struct PairInfo {
        address prevOwner;
        uint96 unlockTime;
        address prevFeeRecipient;

    function getFeeSplitBps() external pure returns (uint64);

    function getRoyaltyInfo(address pairAddress) external view returns (bool, uint96);

    function settingsFeeRecipient() external returns (address payable);

    function getPrevFeeRecipientForPair(address pairAddress) external returns (address);

Once a Setting has been deployed, the creator of the relevant NFT collection should call toggleSettingsForCollection on the Pair Factory to ratify the Setting, thus waiving royalties for pools enrolled in that Settings.

To enroll in a Setting, liquidity providers transfer ownership of their pool to the Setting contract using the transferOwnership method on the pool contract. Creators should design Settings such that only pools which meet the desired criteria can be transferred to the Setting contract.

Standard Settings

A Standard Setting is a standardized type of Setting with three criteria:

  • ethCost, an upfront fee to the liquidity provider in gwei
  • secDuration, a lockup period in seconds
  • feeSplitBps, a trading fee split in basis points

Any liquidity provider who accepts these criteria can participate in the Setting. Following the lockup period, the liquidity provider can call reclaimPair on the Setting contract to withdraw their pool from the Setting.

Creators can deploy Standard Settings without writing any code by using the createSettings method on the StandardSettingsFactory. In addition to the criteria above, this method takes two parameters:

  • settingsFeeRecipient, the address which will receive the creator's trading fee split
  • royaltyBps, the waived royalty rate in basis points

Fee Splitter

When ownership of a liquidity pool is transferred to a Standard Settings contract, a fee splitter (Splitter.sol) is deployed to handle the distribution of trading fees between the liqudity provider and creator.

Any address or contract can call the withdrawal methods on the Splitter, such as withdrawETH, to atomically withdraw all accrued fees and split them between the liqudity provider and creator per the feeSplitBps.

Additionally, Setting owners can call bulkWithdrawFees on a Setting to trigger fee withdrawal from all Fee Splitters deployed under that Setting.