Buying and Selling NFTs

The main features of sudoswap are buying from or selling into existing NFT liquidity pools. This page contains step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

Buying NFTs

  1. Go to the collections page and select a collection.
  2. Select the NFTs you want to buy to add them to the cart:

  1. Click "> sudo swap" to initiate the swap.
  2. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Selling NFTs

  1. Go to the Collections page and select a collection.
  2. Open the Sell tab at the center of the page:

  1. Select the NFTs you want to sell and click "> sudo swap".
  2. Give sudoswap access to the NFTs by confirming the first transaction in your wallet.
  3. Finalize the sale by confirming the second transaction in your wallet.

Direct Pool Swap

When buying or selling NFTs using the steps above, sudoswap will attempt to automatically route your order to the liquidity pool with the best price.

In times of high demand, you may wish to buy or sell from a specific liquidity pool while specifying a maximum slippage tolerance. This is called a Direct Pool Swap.

  1. Go to the Collections page and select a collection.
  2. Open the Pools tab to see a list of liquidity pools.
  3. Click on the pool with the best price for your buy or sell, making sure its ETH/NFT balance is sufficient.
  4. Select Direct Pool Swap at the top-left of the pool page.
  5. Click on Buy or Sell and choose which NFTs you would like to buy/sell:

  1. Enter a slippage tolerance, which is the maximum price change you are willing to accept if the price of the pool changes before your transaction is confirmed. To prevent frontrunning, avoid setting a slippage tolerance higher than the pool's delta.
  2. Click on "Calculate Price for NFTs".
  3. Once the total price loads, click on "Confirm Swap".
  4. Finalize the swap by confirming the transaction(s) in your wallet.