Listing on Sudoswap

Compatible ERC721 NFTs can be deposited and traded on sudoswap immediately after they are minted, without the need for collections to be manually listed.

For a collection to show up in the search bar, it must have at least one liquidity pool or past volume on sudoswap. However, even if a collection does not show up, holders can still create liquidity pools for it as normal.

Launching on Sudoswap

There is no special procedure to launch an NFT collection on sudoswap. However, if you'd like to make sudoswap part of your launch, you can: 1. Deploy an NFT smart contract as you would for any other collection. 2. Mint part or all of the supply to an address you control. 3. Create a liquidity pool on sudoswap with those NFTs. 4. Tell collectors to buy from the liquidity pool.

When launching a collection like this, it is advised to deposit no more than a few hundred NFTs in each liquidity pool. Depositing too many NFTs in a single pool may cause poor performance for collectors trading through the sudoswap website.